How to Sell Your Home Online in 2021

In this post we will discuss key factors to understanding your homes’ SEO.

There’s a lot this pandemic has taught us and one of the main takeaways is Online Marketing is more important than ever before. From growing your businesses to selling your home online.

What do we mean when we say your homes’ SEO?

Our job as realtors is to get your home in front of the future buyer of your home. We do that through several marketing strategies and tools. We see it like this, we don’t show your home to prospective buyers, a buyer agent does that (in 99% of instances). How can we 100% trust that the buyer agent is sending their buyer your listing and showing it to their buyers in the best light. We get your homes’ listing in front of buyers who actually want to buy your home at the right timing using keywords and many other strategies to entice them to book a showing. This is us maximizing your homes’ SEO.

Unique marketing tools we use to sell our listings:

 1. Online Traffic Times. Ever hear someone talk about the best times to post on Instagram? This has been a topic of many online platforms. When are users most active and for how long. Did you know that (the #1 search platform for listings in Canada) has their own analytics and breaks down traffic times? We use this data to know when to make your listing go live. Launch day of your home is VERY important to us. We’re both glued to our screens and ready to press SUBMIT. Not even our husbands can talk to us haha. Ask them – they know!


In 2020, peak traffic times differ depending on how visitors are using Traffic from visitors using on desktop peaks between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., while mobile user traffic peaks between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

 2. Keyword Searches. Does your home have a garage, parking or loft? We know to put those words into the listing because they are hot items for buyers. Did you know that the word “pool” dropped off of the most searched keywords for 2020? We did! Being in tune with what buyers are typing into the search engine when they are looking for homes COMPARED to what your home has is SO important. Using these keywords in the listing allows us to have maximum exposure to the right buyers.


3.  Listing Analytics. This one is pretty self explanatory but let’s do a refresh. Where is your listing being posted? Social media,, your website, etc. All platforms provide you with analytics. We look at our past listings, what went right, what went wrong, timing, viewership, keywords, etc. PLUS we look at launch day statistics. Once your listing goes live, on day 2, we do a deep dive on how buyers took it online. Not only do we follow up with agent showings but we follow up with how your home shows online after day 1. These statistics help us adjust or better yet identity who our potential buyer will be. If we see a spike in a certain age group or location we focus our marketing $$ towards them.

4.  Online Platforms with Highest Viewership. So your realtor promises that your home will be on over 1000s websites, social media and through ads. Cool, cool, cool. Yes that is what should happen but let’s admit it. Majority of those are automated through a backend software called DDF. What we do as your realtors is focus on online platforms that have the highest viewership. We spoke briefly about this in the last point but let’s talk deeper about it. Each platform attracts different demographics at different times. And each demographic appreciates certain aspects of a listing, whether it’s a keyword, video, etc. We have the statistics of many demographic groups and how to market to them on the platform they are on with highest viewership.

Wasted effort. Let’s talk about this. Many times we can get caught up in making sure the listing is posted everywhere and then focus solely on Facebook/Instagram. If the platform with the highest viewership is then why are you focusing on Facebook/Instagram? Yes, you may get a lead out of it or a few people with questions. But let’s get real with each other. Intent searches are 80% happening on Google. Where does rank 99% of the time in a Google search? Do you know that number? Hmmmm food for thought. Google ads is where it’s at.

Not going to lie…there are 2 other tools we use but…those are our best kept secrets. We will keep them in our toolbox until we retire.

Oh did you think we were going to say 3D tours and video marketing🎥? Although important – we’ve been doing those far before the pandemic💁🏻‍♀️.

Yea, maximum exposure is great. It’s great for our brand, our brokerage and self moral. But is that the goal to sell your home? We refined “maximum exposure” to maximum exposure to actual buyers looking for your type of home.

Work with realtors that know how to sell your home and adapt to the times✔.

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