We Went On Vacation!! (Private Post for Email Subscribers Only)

The last time we took a vacation was 6 months ago. Six months of straight hard work. No days off. Not even a staycation. To say this was well deserved is an understatement. We are well rested, back and ready as ever to serve our client family. Here are some pictures from our vacations:

Sarah took her vacation first. A cottage stay up north with her family :). She did stand up paddle boarding, kayaked and did a bonfire every night.

Then Zehra took hers in ARUBA with her in-laws!!! Where she snorkelled for the first time.

Thank you so so much for all the love and support we’ve gotten over the years. We wouldn’t be able to keep running without you, your referrals and repeat business.

What’s next? Client appreciation events!! Stay tuned!!